7 Different Types of Haunted Attractions to Visit This Halloween Season

We’ve all heard of the famous haunted houses that pop up during the Halloween season, but how about the other types of haunted attractions? The best thing about haunted houses becoming so popular is that more unique haunt experiences pop up every year or so. We break down some of our favorite different types of haunted houses you should search for in your city or town this Halloween season.

Haunted Houses

The traditional haunted house has come a long way from your neighbors’ DIY basements and backyards. Haunted houses have become a huge haunted attraction that now expands to mansions, castles, and even farms. Now haunted houses even incorporate unique themes and designs. These themes are usually based on popular movies and TV shows, bringing more people back each year.

Trails or Forests

Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

Exploring a dark trail in a forested area is spooky in itself. Add people lurking in corners making eerie noises, and you got yourself a haunted experience! With the rise of haunted attractions, comes new experiences that will continuously keep visitors on their toes.

Haunted Theme Parks

Haunted theme parks are definitely not a new haunted attraction to the industry. It’s definitely a fan favorite though! From haunted theme park attractions like Walt Disney’s haunted mansion to Revenge of the Mummy in Universal, there are plenty of rides to visit to spook you and your friends. Apart from haunted attractions at theme parks, there are also theme parks that transform into complete haunted theme parks usually around the time of Halloween. A popular one is Halloween Horror Nights at Orlando’s Universal Studios.

Haunted Mazes

Haunted mazes are another popular haunted attraction that a lot of people like visiting. From cornfield mazes to haystack mazes, there’s plenty to explore in these haunted attractions. People also like the idea of trying to find their way out and escaping before whatever is hiding in the corner comes out and scares them.

Drive Through Haunted Houses

With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, came a completely different way of experiencing hauntings. Drive through haunted houses became a huge success overnight, giving visitors the same experience without leaving their cars. Ticket prices are usually per vehicle, so this can also be less expensive than having the whole family visit a traditional haunted house.

Ghost Tours

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

A lot of places in the US have a very old history. This is where ghost tours become a man tourists attraction for visitors. Places like Williamsburg and New Orleans have nightly ghost tours year-round for locals and tourists to enjoy. During these tours, your guide will usually take you through old locations and tell you scary stories paired with their history.

Haunted Farms

From haystacks and pumpkins to scarecrows and shadowy creatures hiding behind corn stalks, haunted farms are a fun haunted attraction to visit! These usually arise during the Halloween season. Farmers will convert their farms into big pumpkin patches and even hold nightly events to scare their guests.

Which of these different types of haunted attractions will you be visiting this year? Explore our favorite haunts near you.