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The summer sun is not normally thought of as a time to pay for a ticket for a walkthrough haunted house experience…. but all that is changing as Halloween haunts take advantage of increased demand for enthusiasts who want to be scared all year long.  The attractions have seen an increase in the number of days they are staying open throughout the year. Screaming, running, squeezing your friends arm while walking through tight hallways, abandoned warehouses, and dark forests are no longer just for October! Besides the demand from tourists, longer operating seasons to generate more revenue, and the opportunity to attract visitors who may not be available during the fall. Some haunted houses offer different themes and experiences during the summer, such as outdoor attractions or haunted trails that due to weather, wouldn’t be as accessible in October like LUNATIC LUAUS! There are challenges faced by haunted houses during the summer, including the need for creative marketing strategies to attract visitors and the potential impact of hot weather on the overall experience…but hey — Screaming. Sweating. It can be a thing.  Two major holidays are also helping: “Halfway to Halloween” in May and the 4th of July in (obviously July).  Fans of Halloween haunted attractions love these excuses to get scared and have fun with groups of like minded friends!