Washington Escape Rooms

Seattle, WA 98121
When going up to the Pacific Northwest in Washington State and looking for more than just an outdoor adventure, you can try your skill at one of their many escape rooms. Each of these escape rooms offers a unique experience, so depending on your interests, you might find one more appealing than the others. Remember, the key to a successful escape is teamwork and communication!
One in particular that stands out is the Kitsap Great Escape Room! This is not your average day out in Silverdale, Washington. No, no, no! This is a thrilling, mind-bending, pulse-racing experience that will have you and your friends talking for weeks!
Imagine this: You’re locked in a room, surrounded by mysterious clues and perplexing puzzles. The clock is ticking, and you have just 60 minutes to unravel the secrets and make your escape. Sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, right? But this is no movie, this is real life, and you’re the star! Each room at the Kitsap Great Escape Room is uniquely themed, offering a different adventure every time. Will you uncover the secrets of the Stolen Relic? Or perhaps you’ll uncover the mystery hidden in the New York subway set The Terminal? Or maybe you’ll help Ralphie in the classic The Christmas Story room? Or see if you can solve the cold case of Kidnap County.  The choice is yours! But remember, teamwork is key. You’ll need to work together, combining your skills and brainpower to solve the puzzles and escape in time. It’s a fantastic way to bond with friends, family, or coworkers.
So, are you ready for the challenge? Can you beat the clock and make the Great Escape? There’s only one way to find out! Head on over to the Kitsap Great Escape Room and let the adventure begin!

Here are ten other thrilling different escape rooms you can find in Washington State:

1. Puzzle Break – Seattle: Known as the first American-based escape room company, Puzzle Break offers a variety of immersive, interactive experiences. Their rooms include themes like “Escape from 20,000 Leagues” and “The Eventide Departure.”
2. Hourglass Escapes – Seattle: This escape room company offers unique and thrilling themed rooms. One of their most popular rooms is the “Evil Dead 2” room, officially licensed and based on the cult classic horror movie.
3. Reality Break Escapes – Bellevue: Located in Bellevue, Reality Break Escapes offers several exciting escape room experiences. Their rooms include “Cypherspace,” “Lucky Duck Speakeasy,” and “Top of the Charts.”
4. Ninja Escape – Seattle: Ninja Escape offers escape room games with a ninja twist. Their rooms include “Black Lace,” a mission to steal a secret weapon, and “Captain Deadbeard’s Revenge,” a pirate-themed adventure.
5. Locurio – Seattle: Locurio focuses on creating immersive experiences that blend storytelling, puzzle-solving, and theatrical elements. Their rooms include “The Storykeeper” and “The Vanishing Act.”
6. Epic Team Adventures – Seattle: This escape room venue offers a variety of themes, including “The Sparrow Files,” a detective noir series, and “Vault of the Volcano God,” an Indiana Jones-style adventure.
7. Quest Factor – Multiple Locations: Quest Factor offers a variety of escape rooms across several locations in Washington. Their rooms include “National Treasure,” “Da Vinci,” and “Castle.”
8. Serial Mysteries – Renton: Serial Mysteries offers a unique twist on the escape room concept, with a continuous storyline running through their rooms. Their rooms include “The Study” and “The Gallery.”
9. Escape Artist – Seattle: Escape Artist prides itself on its immersive and artistically designed rooms. Their rooms include “Starlight,” a space-themed adventure, and “Spell Struck,” a magical fantasy.
10. Conundroom – Redmond: Conundroom offers a variety of unique and challenging escape rooms. Their rooms include “Express to the Stars,” a space adventure, and “Real Escape Game,” a meta escape room about escaping an escape room.