Tis The Season: Christmas Haunted Houses To Look Out For

Are you under the weather because Halloween is over? Tis the season to find haunted Christmas houses and attractions near you. If you’re a thrill-seeker, then a Christmas-themed haunted house is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and get that adrenaline rush you’ve been missing since Halloween. Let’s go over everything you need to know about these Christmas haunts.

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FEATURED Christmas Haunted Houses to Check Out This Year

Creepy Hollow Haunted Christmas | TX

The Creepy Hollow Haunted House is Houston’s scariest haunted house and voted top 13 in the nation! Get ready to enjoy a spectacular festive haunted Christmas at this specific haunt. There are over 100,000 lights, photo ops, haunts to explore, and even a Krampus parade!

Nightmare Dungeon Christmas | SC

This haunt is getting a spooky Christmas transformation. This event is definitely for those thrill-seekers and those looking for a unique way to celebrate the holiday season.

Kersey Valley Spooky Woods Christmas | NC

Kersey Valley Spooky Woods gets a holiday transformation when the holiday season comes around. This family fun event allows guests to enjoy multiple activities, photos ops, and delicious food.

Fright Kingdom, The Fright Before Christmas | NH

Who wouldn’t want to get scared before Christmas?! Check out this haunt for the haunt of a lifetime. You’ll see ghoulish characters and plenty of awesome photo opportunities to celebrate the holidays.

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail, Christmas Edition | FL

Ranked top haunted attraction in FL, Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail transforms into a thrilling haunted Christmas adventure to explore.

Containment, A Haunted Christmas Carol | GA

If you’re looking for a completely unique take on your traditional Christmas Carol, then plan a visit to Containment Haunted House! This thrilling experience is surely one you don’t want to miss.

Other Christmas Haunted Houses to Check Out

Check out these stand-out haunts to get in the holiday and spooky spirit this year:

Krampus | A Christmas Haunted House in Denver, CO

Krampus is a haunted house transformed into a Christmas wonderland, but not the typical wonderland you’re used to. You’ll trade your Christmas cheer for Christmas fear with this haunt’s scary Christmas characters. 

Bayville Haunted Christmas | Bayville, NY

If you’re looking for a Christmas haunt to remember, then Bayvilled Christmas has 3 Christmas-themed haunted houses to explore: Haunted Christmas, Christmas at the Asylum, and Evil Elves of Christmas. You have the option of buying a ticket to explore all 3 haunted houses, 2, or even add a 3-course holiday dinner to your package. 

Haunted Mansion Holiday | Disneyland Land, FL

If you’re looking for something that is a bit more child-friendly, then the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland is a great place to give your little ones a good scare. The Skellebration of Christmas and Halloween collide with a makeover to the iconic Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Web – The Christmas Haunt | Memphis, TN

If you live near TN and you’re looking for a Christmas haunt, then Haunted Web is a great one to visit. Two fright-fueled weekends of holiday cheer and fear will bring you a Christmas horror experience to remember. Get in the spirit and rock your favorite ugly Christmas sweater.

Nightmare Before Christmas | Nashville, TN

Nightmare Before Christmas in Nashville is an interactive Christmas-themed haunt. This haunt transforms all your favorite holiday traditions into holiday fear and evil elves.


Our Top Tips For Enjoying Haunts Year-Round

Haunts are an up-and-coming event everyone in the whole family has grown to love, so this high demand has created the opportunity for holiday-themed haunts! Christmas time is no different with chainsaw-wielding snowmen, angry elves, and zombie Santa Claus. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Use Our Directory to Explore Some Featured Haunts

At Haunt Society, we feature some of the best haunts in the US. Use our directory to find a haunt near you and see if they have a Christmas haunted house theme coming up! A lot of our featured haunts tailor and mix up their haunt experience for their guests according to the season.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

If you love all things haunt-related, then make your Christmas haunt experience a family tradition to remember. Instead of going out and picking a tree together this year, maybe you all should visit a Christmas-themed haunted house instead!

Plan Ahead and Reserve Your Tickets Ahead of Time

A lot of these Christmas-themed haunts are only open on select nights or weekends. If you and the family are looking for a fright-filled Christmas, then check out each Christmas Haunt and try to book your tickets ahead of time!

Follow Rules and Stay Up to Date

Every haunt has specific guidelines and rules. Make sure to double-check with the haunt you’re interested in to see the latest on their safety rules and regulations. 

Let us know which Christmas haunt you’re visiting this year!