A growing trend in the United States over the past decade has been the increase in Christmas-themed haunted houses. These events combine the spookiness of Halloween with the festive cheer of Christmas and Krampus, offering a unique and thrilling way to celebrate the holiday season.

Thrillvania, located in Terrell, Texas, is one of the most popular haunted attractions in the United States. Known for its Halloween haunts, Thrillvania has also embraced the Christmas haunt trend with its “Krampus Night” event. This event features a haunted house filled with Christmas-themed scares, including evil elves, killer snowmen, and of course, Krampus himself.

Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail, located in Plant City, Florida, is another attraction that is lighting up the Christmas haunt trend. Their “Christmas Nightmare” event features a haunted trail filled with Christmas-themed scares. Visitors can expect to encounter a variety of creepy characters, including a demonic Santa Claus and his evil elves.

Field of Screams, located in Mountville, Pennsylvania, also host a Christmas-themed event called “Den of Darkness”. This event features a haunted house filled with Christmas-themed scares, including a terrifying Santa Claus and his monstrous reindeer.

Dead Woods Trail of Fear, located in Luther, Oklahoma, has a popular “Krampus Christmas” event. This event features killer elves and bloody snowmen terrorizing down a haunted trail filled with Christmas-themed decor.

Madhaunters Madhouse, located in Manassas, Virginia, has their “Mad Christmas” event features the haunted home of Krampus with Xmas scares.

Haunted Hills Estate, located in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, celebrates”Krampus Returns” with their demonic Claus and his eight crazed reindeer.

Creepy Hollow, located in Rosharon, Texas, will give you your fill of December scares with their “Creepy Christmas” event features a haunted house filled with Christmas-themed rooms. Evil Elves and possessed snowmen will have you screaming for a White Christmas.

The rise of Christmas haunts can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, they offer a unique and thrilling alternative to traditional holiday celebrations. Secondly, they tap into the growing popularity of dark Christmas folklore, such as the legend of Krampus. Finally, they provide a way for haunted house enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite activity outside of the Halloween season. Despite their scary nature, these events are often filled with a sense of fun and camaraderie, making them a unique holiday tradition for many people.